Our game changing app available soon to the public! Building Service Contractors and In-House Janitorial Staff Managers in need will soon have access to our custom developed, in-house staff management app, Virtuosity.

Building Service Contractors

I mean, come on. You know you’re a Super Hero. You and your staff prepare, and clean, and handle a thousand crazy situations on a thousand different days. But don’t you wish it could be easier? More stream-lined? Don’t you wish you didn’t have to “do” quite so much to communicate the rules, that are changing by the moment these days?
Vir-tu-os-i-ty can help.

With customizable site lists, SDS, supply ordering, scheduling, employee profiles, instant messaging and timekeeping, we can help you automate the drudgery and elevate the important things.

So go ahead, show them who you really are.

With services as simple as a download so you can hit the ground running yourself, or full company set up provided for you, we have an option that fits your needs.
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In-House Janitorial Staff Managers

Whether this is your first time managing the Housekeeping staff in your facility, or if you are an old pro, everyone can agree there is more on the line now than ever. Between monitoring the daily updates to cleaning and chemical requirements to the changing staffing levels in your facility, wouldn’t it be convenient to have your staff communication all in one place? With instantly customizable employee profiles, instant messaging, timekeeping, SDS, supply ordering, job descriptions and scheduling Virtuosity makes it easy for you to step into the future of janitorial facility management without breaking the budget.

You can do this, we can help.

Contact us to learn what solutions we can offer you or download the app today and get started now.