What’s that you say? You don’t feel very super?

Custom Facility-Specific Janitorial Site Lists

Have you ever handed a BSC rep on your site to bid the cleaning a piece of notebook paper with the tasks and frequencies that “looked good” to you hastily handwritten just before they arrived?

Have you ever asked your old cleaning company – who you weren’t happy with in the first place – to provide you with their site list just so you could hand it to the new company you had bidding because you weren’t really sure what the old company did anyway?

Have you ever had to choose between three bids vastly different in scope even though you walked them all through the same space? Worse, have you attempted to get approval for the more expensive one because the cheapest wouldn’t even cover the basics?

Our staff will visit your site, talk to your current staff – whether they are employees or contractors, and generate a custom site list for your facility complete with required chemical, tasks, frequencies and time to completion. We can even stick around and help you implement.

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Janitorial Program Administration

After you have the perfect plan, we can help with training, implementation, and on-going administration. Call or email to learn how our team can become the smoothest part of your team.

Before you know it, you’ll be as confident as this guy about your building health.

The game changing App for Building Service Contractors and In-House Janitorial Staff Managers alike who know what they want and how to achieve it, they just want the technology delivered to make it all so smooth.