Now more than any time in recent memory, Facility Managers need to know precisely what services their Building Service Contractors are providing. Covid-19 has changed the playing field.

Back in the day, every facility had a Maintenance Man, who in many cases managed a team of dedicated maintenance and janitorial staff. These heroes of old had forgotten more about maintaining the finish on your VCT than most techs are even taught now. But the workplace has changed. These folks have aged, or worse been downsized, out of the work force.

In many cases, their positions are not being replaced; rather, Production and Facility Managers are finding these tasks stacked onto their already full plates. Engineers who are more concerned about assembly and parts ordering and production have suddenly found themselves staring blankly at a wide variety of urinal screens with no idea which one to choose, or even why they are expected to know the difference. People with no janitorial background are being asked to write detailed – and now wildly important – site lists for cleaners.

In a pre-pandemic world, the criteria for hiring a Building Services Contractor (or BSC) to handle the cleanliness of your facility usually came down to lowest price combined with the confidence the salesperson who visited with you inspired. As many have learned, quite often you never see that salesperson again.

Virtuoso Facility Consulting specializes in FM/BSC integration. With decades of experience in Janitorial Services, Logistics, Construction Project Management and Five Star Hospitality Housekeeping Management, we have the experience to handle the Cleanliness aspect of your puzzle

Which the whole world just discovered is the linchpin to everything else you do daily.

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